Can Birdsong really help you relax and concentrate?

Our modern, technically advanced world is a wonderful thing. The internet, in particular, has transformed our lives beyond anything most people would have imagined ten to fifteen years ago. To think we didn’t even know what an iPhone was back in 2006 (just ten years ago) seems rather quaint when you look back. Today, we take it completely for granted … Read More

Are Creativity & The Arts Overlooked In the Business World?

Over 300,000 people graduate from UK Universities each year, and the number of people going into higher education in England is at an all time high. One reason for this is more and more people recognise that a degree is the best investments an individual can make into their future and a rewarding career. However, this inevitably means that competition is fierce, and standing out from other graduates when searching for gainful employment is more important than ever. Yet often in the corporate world, creative capabilities are misunderstood, under valued and even discouraged in the recruitment process. So why is this?